In realistic space travel, figure around 10,000 years per light-year travelled

Where I am: a planet 40 light-years from Earth.  

Travel faster than the speed of light is an unscientific myth.

In reality, it takes a looooong 400,000 years to get from Earth to here.

The spaceship is run by formerly biological beings whose artificial-intelligence studies succeeded in allowing them to transform themselves into machines.  The machines can shut down for thousands of years, to save energy in deep space, and then re-activate when they need to.  Biologicals like humans are transported frozen.

I was one of those biologicals.  An ice cube for 400,000 years, then woken up — still 15 years old!  Now 17, back in school, but on a very, very – and did I mention ‘very’? – different planet.   Yes, the aliens’ experiments with terra-forming have left humans from the Earth as the planet’s only resident intelligent life forms – but this just gives humans a chance to develop their own alienness. 

How long does it take to become alien when you’re looking out from another part of the galaxy?  What does it mean to ‘become alien,’ anyways?

It happened to me.  I can explain everything.  This Moonless Sky is the book that tells my story.

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